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I’m Directing A Feature Right Now. Here’s How We’re Pulling It Off!

Source: Noam Kroll Blog

I’m Directing A Feature Right Now. Here’€™s How We’€™re Pulling It Off!

If you’€™ve been wondering why I haven’€™t posted in a couple weeks. It’€™s been a very busy start to the year! Earlier this month I produced some content for a major network (hopefully I can share more here in the future) and within days of wrapping I began production on a feature film. We now have the first week’s worth of footage in the can, and still have two more weeks left to go. I will certainly be posting many more articles about our process after we wrap, but while I have a couple of days off, I wanted to give you guys a bit of background on the project.€“ As many of you know, my goal for quite a while now has been to get a feature film off the ground. Over the last couple of years, I shot a number of shorts, mood films, and other small projects as a means to toy around with ideas and experiment with new techniques that might later benefit the production of a full scale feature. And while I’ve been eager to direct a feature for some time now, deciding on which project to pursue, and on what scale to approach it was the hard part. I had a lot of ideas, treatments, and scripts floating around, but I came to the realization that even the most feasible of them would require at least another year in fundraising and development before any production could take place. A couple months back, a casual conversation over lunch with…Read more at: I’€™m Directing A Feature Right Now. Here’€™s How We’€™re Pulling It Off!

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