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Three Ways Businesses Benefit From Video

Source: Jeffrey Cook Videograpy

Three Ways Businesses Benefit From Video

If you haven’€™t heard, video is exploding on the internet. More and more small businesses are turning their marketing efforts towards video. Why, you might ask? Businesses can post their video on their websites, send them via emails, and post them on Facebook and Instagram where they have the potential to be seen by thousands. Oh, and did I mention that you save money doing it this way as opposed to having a television station run your ad.1. Well planned videos can showcase your brand’€™s personality. Your business can show who they are by creating clever videos. Videos that have personality are more than likely to be remembered. And if you are in the minds of your potential client you have more opportunity to sell to them. Have fun with the video, demonstrate one of your products. People love to learn how a product or service can benefit them.2. Testimonials can really push your business to the forefront. Ask current and past clients if they would be willing to go on camera and speak about their experience. I do not think you need hundreds of people for your testimonial video, but I would interview more than what is needed. This way, you can select the best ones. Some people may have some very powerful key words that were spoken on camera and others might not have the same punch as others. My philosophy is that it’€™s always better to have more than what you need. The video should be no…Read more at: Three Ways Businesses Benefit From Video


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