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The Most Important Lesson I’ve Ever Learned About Editing Narrative Film

Source: Noam Kroll Blog

The Most Important Lesson I’ve Ever Learned About Editing Narrative Film

I recently came to an important revelation: For years I’ve been approaching my editing process completely in the wrong way. It was only after editing countless narrative projects that I began to slowly develop a new method for approaching the edit… One that allows for a more intuitive process, creates a faster turnaround, and drastically improves creative results in every respect. As filmmakers, we often step into the editing process with a very specific vision in mind. This is especially true for those of us that are editing material that we’ve also written or directed. We’ve visualized the story over and over, and can envision a life-like picture of what the film is going to look like once it’s all put together. Naturally, this vision is what drives our initial decisions in the editing room, and our instinct is to want to match the footage we’ve captured on set to the story we wrote on the page. In reality though, this kind of approach can actually be detrimental to the editing process, primarily for one reason – No matter what level you’re working on, many creative elements in your film will inevitably morph and change as you move through the various stages of the process. From concept development to the first draft of the script, things will change. From the final draft of the screenplay to principal photography, things will change. And from production to post-production, things will definitely change – whether you want them to or not. In order for a film to be the best it can be, the filmmaker needs to be willing…Read more at: The Most Important Lesson I’ve Ever Learned About Editing Narrative Film is a full service video production company offering a complete end-to-end range of services from strategy, scripting, production, filming, post production, editing, screening, to video promotion, syndication, advertising and results-driven marketing. Our team has decades of experience in all areas of video, whether you are creating a simple explainer video, to training videos, eLearning, animation or full feature moviemaking.

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