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Photos from the Filmmaker IQ Nation

Source: Filmaker IQ Blog

Photos from the Filmmaker IQ Nation

It really warms our hearts to see fans take to our content – here are a few images sent to us from classrooms around the world: Submitted by Petr also from Panske Prague, Czech Republic: Panská Film High School. From Christoffer also from the Panská Film High School. Submitted by Sourabh Raghunath from K. R. Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts in Kelera, India Submitted by Sourabh Raghunath from another film class in K. R. Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts Rex Putnam High School film class in Oregon USA made this… I’m afraid to ask about the onions. [embedded content] Last but not least, here’s a lab video that was submitted before we even started taking lab video. When we made the blocking course, we knew it was going to be part of a lab where others would be remaking the script and sending them in. The thing is we didn’t tell anybody about our plans. Well the folks at Captive Audience Community Theatre figured it out and asked us for the script. Here’s what they came up with before we even released the lab! If you’ve got a picture of your classroom using our videos – please share with us – we love to see them!Read more at: Photos from the Filmmaker IQ Nation is a full service video production company offering a complete end-to-end range of services from strategy, scripting, production, filming, post production, editing, screening, to video promotion, syndication, advertising and results-driven marketing. Our team has decades of experience in all areas of video, whether you are creating a simple explainer video, to training videos, eLearning, animation or full feature moviemaking.

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