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How Much Zoom is Needed to Fix a Dutch Angle?

Source: Filmaker IQ Blog

How Much Zoom is Needed to Fix a Dutch Angle?

While working on a project for a friend, I shot some footage from the back of a pick up truck. I don’t know if you’ve ever spent 3 hours driving around a town strapped to the bed of a pickup truck trying to compose shots on a tripod while we drove by -but it’s a pretty difficult and motion sickness inducing task. Being that we drove up and down hills, the camera wasn’t always level. In reviewing the footage I discovered that I had to correct the angle of a lot of footage which led me to a basic question: How far do you have zoom in to fill the screen after you apply rotation to fix an unintentional dutch angle? In the past I have just eyeballed the effect. But often when I just eyeball it, I’ll later discover that I didn’t quite zoom in far enough and left little triangles of black at the top and bottom of the image. There has to a mathematical way to figure this out! My first attempt to derive a formula over lunch left me with a disaster. My apologies to the staff at Carls Jr. for the mathematical obscenities I must have uttered. I gave up trying logic my way out of it and I decided to try to solve the problem with brute force. Back in the office and away from the prying eyes of fast food employees, I opened a spreadsheet and Premiere Pro and then proceeded to find…Read more at: How Much Zoom is Needed to Fix a Dutch Angle? is a full service video production company offering a complete end-to-end range of services from strategy, scripting, production, filming, post production, editing, screening, to video promotion, syndication, advertising and results-driven marketing. Our team has decades of experience in all areas of video, whether you are creating a simple explainer video, to training videos, eLearning, animation or full feature moviemaking.

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