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Do what you love | My Videography Passion

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Do what you love | My Videography Passion

8/7/2017 0 Comments ​There comes a time when I think we reflect on our life and evaluate how we are doing. I do this a lot and decided to write about it.  This blog post is not about a camera, microphone, or video I shot, but rather the course of my career as a videographer. I am hoping to inspire those who want more out of life to follow their passion and to not settle.As a teenager, I wanted to make films. I wanted to be a director. It soon dawned on me that that role would be hard to fill so I considered video production. I declared video production as my major and learned about the industry. After five years at San Francisco State University, I graduated Cum Laude and received my degree in Television and Radio Broadcasting.Breaking into the video production biz was very hard to do. They wanted you to have experience, but how can I get experience if no one hires me? So, I decided to take on a photographer/editor position at KMPH Fox News, where I made many mistakes and learned quite a bit on the job. Learning from the books was on thing, and learning hands on was another. I had several jobs throughout my news careers where the hours were not favorable. I used to wake up at two in the morning just to go to work. I stuck with these jobs so I could continue to learn, and provide for my family.After…Read more at: Do what you love | My Videography Passion is a full service video production company offering a complete end-to-end range of services from strategy, scripting, production, filming, post production, editing, screening, to video promotion, syndication, advertising and results-driven marketing. Our team has decades of experience in all areas of video, whether you are creating a simple explainer video, to training videos, eLearning, animation or full feature moviemaking.

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