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Kersten: I am here with Mark Clayson from Professional Expert Services. Mark is a well published author and speaker. Welcome to the show, Mark Mark: Thank you Kersten

Kersten: Mark, tell me the basis of the service that you offer people.

Mark: Sure. In brief, I and my company offer training and development for speakers throughout the world. My goal is to train speakers to think outside the box, learn from their bad habits and recreate themselves in a new, improved and more effective way.

Kersten: But how is it that you can offer such a guaranteed service to would-be speakers?

Mark: Well, I believe first and foremost that speaking is a skill that can grow, not a

talent that you are born with. A skill can be taught, learned, and developed. Anybody with the right attitude, outlook and mentoring can speak in front of others and become highly successful in the process.

Kersten: You claim that you can double, triple or even quadruple the profits of regular or aspiring speakers. What makes you say that so boldly?

Mark: Kersten, I offer a step by step proven formula – a blueprint if you like. As I said, speaking is a skill, just like playing the piano or taking part in sport. Speakers can follow my formula to engage their audience, pump them up and thereafter get them to buy their products or services. Successful speaking starts with a system – I provide that system.

Kersten: That’s cool. If you had to give one piece of advice to aspiring, new or current speakers looking to increase their success rate from the platform, what would it be?

Mark: I would say, learn the techniques and strategies, follow a trusted and proven blueprint and deliver quality content and entertainment to your audience.

Kersten: And, finally, who would benefit from your system?

Mark: There are many groups of people that would find tremendous value in my system. We all have to speak a some stage or other. So my syetem is not limited to speakers from the platform but also includes webinar and teleseminar presenters, corporate presenters, salespeople and just about anybody that is looking to engage a particular audience.

Kersten: Thank you Mark. And you can find out more about Mark at or contact him at

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