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Waste Reduction Unit


United manufactures centrifuges, pad tanks and fluid processing units – equipment that is widely used in a variety of industries throughout Canada, the United States, South America and other parts of the world.

Our Waste Reduction Unit offers a number of environmental and financial benefits for your operations which include:

Reducing your environmental footprint by:
 Producing dryer cuttings from the well bore. This reduces haul off at end of well by 50% or more.
 Reduces the amount of saw dust or pellets that are used for mix off
 On a 3500m well, recovers in excess of 50 m3 of oil base drilling fluids
 Lessons the liability of the end user

The drilled cuttings are taken off of the primary shakers into the cuttings receiving trough. The cuttings are flushed through the grinder with clean fluid from the fluid recovery tank. The cuttings size is decreased to 1/8” diameter, and then pumped to the centrifuge which separates the solids and the liquid. The solids are discharged into a bin for mix off for transport. The clean fluid is recovered in the fluid recovery tank and returned to the active system.

Other key points of the Waste Reduction Unit include:
 It can process 2.5 m3/min of cuttings slurry
 Completion of wells with under 10% of LGS
 Easy to operate and maintain

To learn more about United’s Waste Reduction Unit please contact us:

1 403-945-3443

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